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Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing of Injection Mold Tooling

Diamond Tool & Engineering offers domestic engineering and support with overseas tooling. This combination offers our customers the best of both worlds – cost savings with overseas tooling and quality assurance with domestic engineering and support.

We manage all the details through every step to avoid potential pitfalls associated with global sourcing, getting you into production fast. Here is an excellent article from MoldMaking Technology on How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Overseas Partnerships.


Global Collaboration

Advances in technology, communication, and transportation has connected the world in a new way. As a result companies are no longer limited to designing and producing a mold in one corner of the globe. The whole globe is one marketplace. However, sourcing injection mold tooling overseas requires a steep learning curve to assure quality, cost, and on-time delivery criteria are met.


Avoid the Pitfalls of Global Sourcing

Here are some of the pitfalls companies experience when they source tooling overseas:

  • Local culture issues

  • Language barriers

  • Time zone issues

  • Transportation issues

  • Inconsistent quality

  • Protecting proprietary information

  • Customs requirements

  • Exchange rate issues


Communication is Essential

Diamond Tool & Engineering has the experience to avoid these potential pitfalls. We maintain strong business partnerships with our injection molding manufacturers and overseas supplier networks through consistent communication and engagement. Effective cross-cultural communication is extremely important when working within the global marketplace. Both our customers and suppliers consistently report that we do an excellent job in communicating project progress at all points:

  • Identifying potential problems early

  • Reporting delays immediately

  • Exceeding expectations readily


When You Need Experience

Diamond Tool & Engineering delivers the best of both worlds – high quality domestic engineering with lower cost overseas tooling. We have established excellent relationships with plastic injection mold building facilities in China.  Our domestic facilities are able to make any mold adjustments as needed. Diamond Tool & Engineering’s proven processes consistently deliver high quality results.

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