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Satisfied Customers Tell Their Story

We at Diamond Tool and Engineering have always enjoyed developing great relationships with our customers. We especially enjoy partnering with our customers to develop innovative solutions for a wide range of injection molding projects. Service excellence is the foundation of our company. We take pride in our work and in the relationships we develop.

Customer Reviews: About

Midwestern Outdoor Equipment Manufacturer

A manufacturer of kayak and canoe paddles says:
Diamond Tool is:

  • Honest

  • Creative

  • Has Great Communication

One thing they could do better is help educate the customer that their price includes everything. Recently we had a project that Diamond Tool came in at $32,000. Two other bids were solicited. The manufacturer chose the lowest at $18,000. By the time they were done the project cost $40,000 and took weeks longer. If I had chosen Diamond Tool it would have been less expensive and completed in half the time.
I will never go anywhere else again.
This customer has worked with Bryan, Gary, Kent, and Jason – He would have to say that Bryan may be a genius in the realm of tool design.
“You don’t expect a small guy out in the sticks to be this good.”

Customer Reviews: About

A Minnesota Molding Company

Diamond Tool does our overflow work.
Although we compete with Diamond tool, they do an excellent job. Communication and quality are excellent.
I really like working with Kent. His honesty is unsurpassed and I really like his character.
We rate our suppliers and Diamond Tool is one of the highest scoring vendors we have.

Customer Reviews: About

International Plastic Fastener Manufacturer

Diamond Tool does it all.
We use them for:

  • New Tool Builds

  • Maturing the new molds

  • Repair

  • Design

There are not many companies that we work with that are willing to take everything. They have awesome technical support without the drama.
My main contacts are Chris Smith and Brook King. Chris says, “yes” to everything. Brooks is all over it technically speaking.
This is the only company that offers an overall package. Most other companies are selective in what they will do.
Sometimes Diamond Tool will miss a deadline but they always communicate it upfront.
Their attitude is 100%.
No one else offers a total package. They are awesome.

Customer Reviews: About

A Midwest Rubber & Plastic Molding Manufacturer

  • Very easy to do business with

  • Very responsive

  • Very honest

They always stand behind their work
I like working with Bryan and Jason. It is all about the relationships for me. They need to hang on to Bryan. They know what they are doing.
Diamond Tool is the only company we use for offshore tooling. They coordinate all the work and keep me updates. They are a one-stop shop.

Customer Reviews: About

A Multinational Consumer Products Manufacturer

  • Diamond Tool is very open during the design phase.

  • The design team thinks ‘outside of the box.’

  • The tool quality is excellent. We rarely have to send a mold back after the first test molding is adjusted.

Diamond Tool does it within reason. They may struggle with a project but they keep me informed and never exceed their quote.

Customer Reviews: About
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