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The team of experts at Diamond Tool & Engineering are expert tool & die makers specializing in the injection molding plastics industry.


Kent Smith


Hi, I am Kent Smith owner and president of Diamond Tool and Engineering Inc.
One of the best parts about Diamond Tool is seeing how much the company, people, and I have grown and developed in nearly 25 years of business. We have built our business to focus on providing excellent service, timing, and quality, for our customers and to be a partner in helping customers maximizes profits. My best days are seeing customer concerns and problems being met by our employees and the satisfaction it brings to all of us.
I was born in central Minnesota at the Staples Hospital where both my mother and grandmother worked at as nurses. My first five years of grade school were spent in a one room building with grades one thru sixth with only one teacher. Afterwards, I attend Bertha- Hewitt High School and Staples Technical Collage for Machine Trades and Mold Building. I always enjoyed shop classes and math through school.
I enjoy trying many different sports and hobbies like fishing, snowmobiling, skiing, hunting and some traveling. I have always enjoyed the outdoors and the many seasons here in central Minnesota. I am married to Dorothy. Together we have five children and three grandchildren.
I have always enjoyed the challenges of family life, business, and where in God’s plan my place is.


Dorothy Smith

Office Manager

Well, what can I say?
I am married to the owner. It is great!
Kent is a man of integrity, honesty and commitment with strong family values. Which is what Diamond Tool and Engineering is built on.
I started working at Diamond Tool and Engineering fifteen years ago. I am now in charge of all administration functions, human resources and IT. I love spending time with family & friends, gardening, cooking, traveling to new places, and helping out at our church. I like all seasons in Minnesota other than winter! (It is just too cold.)
It is wonderful to be working in a team atmosphere. One of the employees was diagnosed with cancer. Everyone chipped in vacations hours, so he wouldn’t go without a paycheck until the long-term disability insurance kicked in. I had to tell the employees we had enough hours to get him through the waiting period.
What a great group to work with!
I am delighted that our culture is to support our customers like we do our employees.


Bryan Amiot

Engineering Manager

WOW, things changed since I started at Diamond Tool & Engineering. I can remember building tools on the bench. We use manual machines and basic 2-D sketches on a drafting table using a triangle and a T-square. I joined Diamond Tool & Engineering in 1991 almost immediately after graduating from Staples Technical College’s Machine Trades program.
I started with Diamond Tool & Engineering as a toolmaker, building molds on the bench. Quickly I moved into programming using MasterCam. From my experience and values I am well equipped to focus on sales and managing customer projects.
I love the challenges of solving technical problems, working with customers, and working with the design team at Diamond Tool and Engineering, and every once in a while, Kent will let me design a mold (just to keep my skills sharp).
I was born and raised in Thief River Falls, Minnesota (way-up North). I have a strong family background where church is important. I married my high school sweetheart and have three awesome kids (they’ll tell you they are young adults). After work I enjoy hunting, fishing, snowmobiles, and any sport with an engine attached to it.


Brooks King

Project Manager

Brooks is a Project Manager at Diamond Tool and Engineering. He began his career in plastics twenty-five years ago as a tool designer. Brooks values continual improvement, constant learning, and good communication.
Leveraging Diamond's talent, experience, and resources with his own communication skills and personal experience enable Brooks to ensure that every customer's project will be a success.

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