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About Us

Diamond specializes in crafting intricate, close-tolerance plastic injection molds and tooling. While medical and electronic applications constitute the largest portion of our business, we also excel in delivering projects for diverse industries that demand the same level of engineering precision and quality. With extensive experience across various injection mold requirements, our expertise encompasses injection molds, LSR molds, MIM molds, insert molds, multi-shot molds, unscrewing molds, hot runners, complex actions, and more.


We take immense pride in our Design for Manufacturability (DFM) process, ensuring clear and thorough communication throughout the design, build, and maturation phases of your tooling. Our commitment to quality extends beyond processes to our investment in skilled staff and cutting-edge equipment, creating a robust resource for you to leverage in ensuring the success of your next project.

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Our team is backed by years of experience and specializes in meeting customer expectations on quick delivery requirements. We keep abreast of industry standards and best practices to keep our processes efficient and effective. In 98% of projects, our molds are ready for production following the first sampling. We excel at perfection because we spend the time it takes upfront to design and engineer an injection mold that is of the highest level of integrity and quality. From our design team to our team of engineers to our global partners, we have the expertise and support to cover all your tooling needs.


Our design and programming departments utilize the latest technology in CAD/CAM systems. With our continuous investment in high-tech software and robotics, we are equipped to take your initial concepts and ideas and turn them into a complete working design.
We also work continuously to create value for our customers through the adaptation of Lean Production processes. By maximizing customer value while minimizing waste, Lean processes can have a dramatic, positive impact on an organization, it’s customers, and the environment.

Customer Service

We take pride in offering great customer service.  We are dedicated to providing close, personal service to deliver quality products you can count on. Our expertise and attention to detail ensure you receive a tool that will hold up and reliably produce parts throughout the life of the mold. And our ongoing communication keeps you in the loop every step of the way. We enjoy exceeding customer expectations and building relationships that last.
Diamond Tool & Engineering has developed a history of delivering quality molds fast. Our experience and efficiency in getting the mold correct the first time gets our customers into production fast, saving time and money. We achieve service excellence by investing in the best technology, equipment, and personnel. We take pride in the products we deliver, the quality service we provide, and the success of our customers.

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