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Our engineering process begins with our first looks at your quote and then really shifts into gear during the DFM and tool design phase.  We take pride in giving the DFM review the attention that it needs.  We combine our experience, your experience and the key project requirements into a plan for a robust tool design that will deliver your part requirements.  We can succeed with complex designs or simple, straightforward designs that deliver tolerance and precision.   We offer DFM, 3D design, Basic Fill Analysis and more...

Building molds and tooling since 1989, we have recognized the value in top-tier equipment and tight process control to deliver the quality and speed required in the industries we serve.  We have built a great combination of people and equipment that you can leverage for a successful project.  Our job tracking process and robust inspection compliments a respectable list of equipment.

An additional service can include sampling. This service includes working collaboratively with your production engineers, saving engineering time by: modeling molds, adjusting geometry, sampling molds, and modifying molds. We can provide production testing and mold flow analysis for superior mold optimization.

Our service offers more than mold repair, maintenance, and revision. We help you develop strategies with standards and measurements to keep you up and running. Our knowledgeable team offers world-class service and experience in the tooling and mold making business.


There is more to our service than having the best equipment and best people, Diamond Tool & Engineering is also about great customer service that exceeds expectations. Successfully supporting you with your production needs is our main goal. We take pride in the products we deliver, the quality service we provide, and the success of our customers. We look forward to working with you on your next project.

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